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Need to make a decision – now or never.

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It is time for me to make a decision – join the family business, start a business of my own (IT or non-IT) or continue for some more time with the current job (with hope of filling the perceived gaps – in case I am expecting too much too early and seeking answers/solutions to my questions/problems).

My family wants me to make a firm decision, stand by it and be happy. In fact I want the same too.

My heart beats for business in IT, but seems like I do not have a plan, idea, network or a team with me, accept that I believe I am capable of executing any projects and am super hard working. Just need a chance to prove what I am capable of. What prevents me from taking the plunge then in IT (if I feel I am capable), is the fear factor, lack of clarity and self-doubt. At the same time, I feel very confident about joining my family business, no self-doubts or fear in this case.

I have not been able to make a firm call yet. Known/proven path (family business) or comparatively uknown/less travelled path?

As my friend and mentor Anil Gupte puts it – “I can’t keep agonising over what to opt for. There are no perfect answers, pros and cons lie with everything in life.” 

What do you think? Any suggestions on how to move ahead are more than welcome.

Written by shabbirhusain

July 20, 2006 at 7:45 am

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  1. Well, Shabbir san, If you have sparks then you can ignite it anywhere, does not matter its family business or a new/unknown business. Decision is yours..


    July 23, 2006 at 3:09 am

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